Another update, has it been this long?

I last updated in November and here we are, seven months later with another update.

I arrived in Malta in early March and started working almost immediately, getting my residency here in April. I’ve spent the last couple of months just getting settled in a lovely rural location on the island of Gozo.

I’ve decided to resurrect something I used to run back in Ireland about 25 years ago. Around the time when the only support for Mac in Northern Ireland was NIMUG (Northern Ireland Mac User Group – which I founded). People needed a little more than just an online forum and I started to do this evenings and weekends while working full time. Eventually I found it worthwhile to quit the day job and then do Mac support full time – which is what eventually became Mac-Sys. As you probably know, I have Mac-Sys in the background beavering away but it seems that the islands of Malta have a dearth of decent outbound Mac support. So, with Mac Help Gozo, I’m looking to fill my evenings and weekends with helping folks.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been keeping busy with – that and writing.

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