A year on…

A year ago I was in Sines after two months of sailing around the coasts of Western Europe. I’d already been living on my boat two years at this point (and I have to say that the weather is a lot better in Portugal rather than Ireland.

Things I have missed (or things I previously took for granted):

  • No post. No letters, card, packages
  • Related to the above….Amazon – the company we love to hate – is super useful for getting things fast. Need a mousetrap, they can be delivered literally in less than a day. Need glasses cleaning materials? 24 hours. It’s not the same in mainland Europe and it’s definitely not the same living on a boat.
  • when you change countries, everything changes. Phone numbers, addresses, the price of milk, heck, even the type of milk.
  • People – It’s more than a little isolating.

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