Apple Store Belfast opens….

Tomorrow morning the Apple Store has it’s grand opening in Belfast and there’s already a herd of MacMacs heading down to queue outside. Murderdrome, the “comic that was banned” will also be there for viewing as well as some T-Shirts being given out to the people at the front of the queue and a resulting competition to win some authentic 2000AD artwork.

I’m in two minds whether to go down early. I have a Hall Pass for the morning to attend so it seems it might be a good idea to go down and have a chat with the poor sods who’ll be sitting out overnight. Five years ago I would have been one of them but for now I want to just watch from the sidelines and then have a poke around once the hubbub has died down. That said, I queued for the iPhone for 2 hours before opening the first time around and for an hour before opening the second time around. This seems different though.

Anyway – if you want to get TWO free T-shirts tomorrow, get into the queue at the Apple Store in the Victoria Centre in Belfast and be near the front.

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  1. The Apple store finally arrived in Belfast and was meet with enthusiasm from the crowd waiting in line. Most people where not sure what to expect, but were keen to see what Apple had on offer with this the first in Ireland. For more picture from the top of queue check out blog ‘Left over GREY MATTER at

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