iPhone woe

I had a problem with my iPhone last night.

The 123, space bar and Return key were not working on the software keyboard – they just didn’t respond. There was nothing physically wrong with the device because if you opened Safari, the bottom bar worked fine – so the hardware was functioning. This problem meant I couldn’t use spaces, returns, numbers or punctuation in SMS texts, emails or entering web addresses. That turned the iPhone into a ‘phone’.

So, I backed up, restored the firmware. No go. I reasoned there must be something wrong with my software configuration – maybe a corrupt preference file or something. I even tried changing my default keyboard to “UK” to see if that made a difference.

Restored to a factory default version of the software. No go. This was getting curious. I was getting curious. I couldn’t understand why the bottom row area would work in some applications but not in others and why it only seemed to affect the keyboard.

Repeated this twice more. No go. I’m beyond curious now and just frustrated.

I phoned Apple. They tell me they will ship out a replacement iPhone for me to borrow for the princely sum of £20. And take the imprint of my credit card number just in case. The girl estimates the repair to take 5-7 days. She said I could get it quicker if I went to an Apple Store (we won’t have one of those in Belfast til late summer. Or an O2 store. Where they will take the phone and post it off, handing me back a naked SIM card. For a £25 deposit, I can borrow one of their loaner handsets – which I’ll get back when my iPhone comes back.

As I need a phone and don’t have an unlocked handset around (or another O2 locked handset), I went for the O2 option. Note I had to go to O2 in Bangor (unhelpful), ring O2 in Bloomfield (unhelpful) and then drive over to Newtownards to the O2 store where Colin and Christina were very helpful and got me sorted out with an outgoing repair to Apple and a spare handset.

So, here it is.

Sleek curves. Massive screen. No Bluetooth. But it has a camera and can do MMS.


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