Basic Income is a sham

Capitalism is based on the premise of un-ending growth. That it is always possible to make more, sell more, to more people. But unfortunately it’s not working like that. The concentration of wealth in the upper echelons of society means there is a dearth of wealth in the lower, and we are many.

Without consumers to buy, without cash in their pockets, capitalism crumbles and Oroboros Capitalism ends up consuming itself. With no money available among consumers, due to higher costs of living and lowe rates of pay, where will the money come from to keep the rate of growth that capitalism demands? We have seen them pushing into other nations, through the developed world into the developing nations, eager to grasp their wealth as rapidly as they have plundered their resources.

Countries and regions can experiment with Universal Basic Income as a way of dealing with the pressures of a growth-based economy where the foundations have collapsed. But it is merely a sop to keep Capitalism alive.

By all means, embrace UBI as a way of doing what you want rather than selling your life by the hour to people who absolutely would replace you if lives were available cheaper. But be true to your real aim.

We must separate maintaining a home, being warm and having enough food and potable water and adequate healthcare from how we spend our lives as there will not be enough work for all of us in the future. Unless we make this separation, we will starve.

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