Thunder screens….

One of the major features touted last week with the 2021 iPad Pro was the addition of Thunderbolt – claiming the boosted speeds for storage and the ability to connect displays would be great. Newsflash, I can already connect a display to my 2020 iPad Pro – what I can’t do is control it.

It’s useful as a “monitor” screen for Lumafusion or maybe to show people what I’m working on without them looking over my shoulder but it’s not that useful as a second screen.

So, I started thinking how iPad OS 15 could handle a second screen that wasn’t a touchscreen.

And it came to me.

Exposé. Spaces. Stuff we’ve had for a decade on Mac OS.

The idea of having a gesture to show me active Spaces. And that I can throw one of them, whichever I want, onto the second non-touch screen, is enticing. Obviously with iPad OS 14 I have mouse cursor control but using it on the touchscreen is challenging.

This could work…..

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