Damn, my iPad Pro (2020) is so slow now….

Words…that I’ve never said.

In fact, the number of times I’ve given this iPad Pro the stink-eye and thought “This is so slow” is precisely zero. Now, I do a decent amount of video editing (LumaFusion is a dream) and a little bit of graphics so processor time is something I do stress the machine with. Sometimes.

Over the last year that I’ve been using the iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) model, I’ve been consistently amazed by it. Coupled with a Magic Keyboard case, it’s simply a thing of grace. It makes me wonder why Apple don’t make Macs with the same level of precision and hardware fit as this thing. It’s just dreamy.

And last night, Apple revealed they’re bringing the M1 processor to the iPad Pro.

To illustrate what that means – moving from the A12Z to the M1 (graphics courtesy of Barefeats)

It’s going to be even faster. At everything.

It already is pretty amazing at exporting 4K footage. It’s already cutting through any photo manipulation stuff (using Pixelmator) with ease. But…speed….

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