Investment Underdogs

“… has a reputation as something of a bargain bucket for international investors. A relatively young tech ecosystem and a historic shortage of local VC money has led to smaller round sizes …, and plenty of space for opportunists from outside to swoop in.”

Sounds like Northern Ireland, doesn’t it? But it’s Spain, a country with a population of 47 million. This article is from Sifted.

We started Raise in 2018 because there was a need for someone to swoop in. The work that had been done in the past by the incumbent organisations was simply not working.

We’re entering the third year for Raise. Our portfolio has never been stronger and our startups are active and receiving investment and not just from Northern Ireland. Opening doors outside of Northern Ireland is vital to the growth of our ecosystem.

We’ve not had help from Invest NI, we’ve not had help from the incumbent government supported funds. We’ve had to go and source new investors from outside the region.

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