AirDrop – halfway there

Jason Snell writes on SixColors:

With AirDrop, Apple has come up with a simpler way to pass files around. In doing so, it’s made traditional file sharing seem old and fussy. So my modest proposal to Apple is to take AirDrop and expand its powers. Let people in homes and offices use it to drop files to each other, even if they’re not fortunate enough to be sitting right next to each other. Apple, you did your job and you did it well—I’ve utterly embraced AirDrop. But now I want more.

AirDrop is definitely half-baked.

Not only should I seamlessly (and without any need to accept) be able to send a file to any Apple device that I’ve got an iCloud login active – no matter where they are in the world, but I should be able to add iCloud IDs to my favourites list and send direct to people because I know their ID.

I try to avoid sending photos through email so I currently use iCloud Photo Sharing with the family – which is a workaround. I’d much rather have address book groups that I could iCloudShare to my hearts content.

And can we have Back To My Mac working again? Maybe add Macs to our locations in Files? I wanna be able to root around in my archives for files. Or put files in other folders other than desktop or documents in a simple interface.

Yeah, I’d like this on iOS but I’d be happy with it being in a new productivity focused padOS considering that I’ve moved my Mac from a slightly creaky MacBook Pro to an even freakier iMac 27″ since I got the iPad Pro 12.9. (Apple may not be pleased with me as I’m finding it hard to justify a Mac when the iPad does 90% of everything I need).

So, come on Apple. Help me get my productivity up to 100%

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