Just had a play with the iPhone X

The screen on the 7+ is larger, no doubt about it, but the X is nicer. Both are awesome for Flyover.

The X also completely smokes the 7plus performance-wise. And it’s in the little things like app loading times. And in processing files/exports. The few seconds you wait for things to just happen.

The X is a nicer size. Easily pocketable and easier to hold. I remember loving the size of the 6 when I got it but my lust for a larger screen drove me to the plus sizes. I’d be happy to trade off a little screen width for this. The removed bezel means scrolling less in Long reads though the text size is noticeably smaller (due to the decreased width) which is a little problem for people with old eyes.

I had no issues with the removed Home button but I wager that’s going to be an issue for some folks. Especially switchers. It just doesn’t feel discoverable even though I discovered it and the app switcher pretty quickly. I am “special” with all of the negativity that entails.

Physically it feels little different to the 7plus. Smaller obviously but still the same sort of feel to the device. I wouldn’t know it’s glass on the back. Will I use inductive charging? Hmmm I don’t see the real killer app here other than fewer frayed Lightning cables. And I’m less than impressed about the current charging pad solutions. It’s like they were made by marketing people with no experience of the real world.

Do I want an X? Of course. Over and above an 8? Yes.

I don’t know what happens next year though. Will they have an 8s? Or Something really clever?

And yes, it’s pronounced Echhss.

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