Coder Dojo Bangor – book now.

The first session for Coder Dojo Bangor just went live for booking. It’s free to attend and it’s in the evening on the 18th September and will be on Thursday evenings. The initial age limits are 14-21 and we’ll be focusing on building games first.

What is Coder Dojo: it’s free tuition for young people on how to make stuff with computers, how to develop new skills that are immediately and globally marketable and how to see whether this incredibly lucrative career is actually of interest!

The venue is the Bangor Campus of South Eastern Regional College and you can get the tickets here:

We’re keen to find mentors as well as students so if you have a little bit of knowledge about code, design or even if you want to learn as a mentor, please email the organiser, Eamonn and pledge your interest.

Lastly, we are also keen to find a sponsor for the USB wristband memory sticks. If you want to volunteer, even just in the organising, please get in touch.

Please help spread the word as success here means more dojos in the region.

2 thoughts on “Coder Dojo Bangor – book now.”

  1. Howdy!

    I’m the Tech. Manager @ rehabstudio and am happy to offer up some help if I can? There’s a few of us in the studio that live in the Bangor area and we’d be happy to help if we can? Feel free to send me an email outlining what areas you’re looking support for and we’ll try to help where we can.


  2. Hello, I am an experienced teacher and community worker (I secured funding / sponsors for PTA/ local events in Braniel). I’m not sure if I could help out but my 14 year old attended an induction for Coder dojo in BMC Titanic Qtr, two Saturdays ago and he is keen to enrol on this Bangor course. His careers teacher, maths tutor and ICT Head of Dept at Wellington College are also keen to know more about this programme, having encouraged him lately. RSVP asap.Thanks

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