Games punish us to make us better. (thanks to @daraobriain)

This is why we need to be looking at Games (or Interactive Media or Interactive Entertainment or Active Education or Instructional Contests or whatever you want to call it) completely differently to the way we view music, art, movies and even sport.

Games frustrate us, they annoy us, they force us to face things that are uncomfortable, they force us to face our fears and they force us to make moral decisions. Games inspire us, entertain us, educate us, inform us, delight us, train us, they force us to recognise good and evil, they take no prisoners.

At the moment in Northern Ireland, games are considered completely alien to the mainstream. The courses tend to be fringe, the support divided and the consideration from our Screen agency is that games are an adjunct to movies rather than accepting them in their own right (especially taking into account that the games industry creates more value globally than movies and music put together).

Lack of understanding is not an excuse for inactivity.

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