From Gamasutra:

July 19th:
Official Android sales numbers for Gentlemen! after three days: 8 copies sold. 2,462 copies pirated.
August 20th:
If you’re interested, after three weeks those numbers are now 144 copies sold, 50,030 copies pirated.

I reported these numbers to the resident Android user in our household and she said: “What did they think would happen?”

It definitely says to me that Google wants people to make money from advertising on Android. And as everyone knows, Advertising makes the mobile experience even better. And it’s ace for games.

There are other ways to make money on Android as well. There are different models for this but you have to take the biggest dis/advantage (Google Play is almost a lawless frontier) and turn that to your advantage. If Google don’t want to police or protect your IP on their platform, then it’s carte-blanche for developers as far as I can see.

WWGD. If money was on one side of the equation, What Would Google Do?

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