Dublin XCake.org Meet, Thurs 26th March, 7 pm

@Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted:
“There’s a Dublin Xcake.org (for Mac and iPhone Developers) meetup tomorrow (Thurs) in Le Cirk, Dame St. at 7pm.”

XCake was started by myself and John Kennedy (@craicdesign) last year due to our mutual interest in iPhone development. John has currently got three apps in the App Store. It’s also notable that some of our “local heroes” are going to be attending. It’s a great opportunity to meet, to network, to learn and to maybe get a little business.

We had a meeting in Dublin and another in Belfast earlier this year and it was very well attended – I have an inkling that this weeks meeting in Dublin will be even bigger.

Steve also adds: “Also if any art/design people are interested in coming to tomorrow’s iPhone developer meetup (Dublin), is a good opportunity to get clients!”

I’d also say that might work out well for musicians who want to do sound effects for games/apps.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    As always this is an informal group chat with no fixed agenda. That said, we would like to talk techie stuff, but also discuss ways to promote our software on the App Store. Bring your ideas!

    Folks new to developing are always welcome: feel free to ask questions. Even better, bring a laptop with your Xcode projects and we’ll all take a look!

    I’m hoping LeCirc will be able to provide cake. I’ve never been before, so have no idea regarding the facilities although ‘free wifi’ is mentioned.

    Look for the glowing Apple logo on the laptops..

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