Got this through GAS:

Watch, then read on…

For a soppy old romantic like me, this is gold and my daughter loved watching it too – so much that she cuddled up with me on the sofa to watch it. It’s an analogue version of ‘people who meet over the Internet’ even down to the ‘change of email addresses’ that used to happen in the olden days – not so much these days now we have persistent web services which stay the same no-matter which ISP you have.

It’s 12 minutes of your life. You spend more time watching commercials during LOST or BSG.

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  1. Very well done. But surprised at the number of people involved in what looked like a very effortless film. Immediately shared it with lots of others.

  2. To be honest, I was waiting for a car to hit them at the end. There was a video about a guy playing a trick on his girlffriend with tragic consequences a couple of weeks back. Awful.

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