Cuil: a new approach on Search Engines

Mike Cane gives his considered opinion on Cuil, a new search engine which challenges Google immediately by having a black background!

Of course the first search item anyone uses to test out a search engine is a vanity search. Because we all know our online presence best.

Well this sucker splashed so much crap on the screen in such a random fashion — with many links actually pointing to nowhere — that I sat there agog.

I didn’t even bother trying another search time. Waste of time.

I thought, “yeah, can’t hurt.” So I check out Google to remind myself how many of us there are:

Google Results for my name.

and compare to the Cuil results:

Cuil results for my name

Right. That certainly is a new approach on Search Engines. Thanks to Mike for the inspiration.

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  1. Forget about a vanity search for yourself. How about them doing their own vanity search? I searched for cuil on and didn’t get a hit for their website on the first page. turns up their whois entry but nothing else to do with them. I wonder what testing they did do?

    – Not trying to be “cruil” 😉

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