WordPress for iPhone: relegated

As I mentioned before, I think WordPress for iPhone really misses the mark. It doesn’t really add anything to the existing apps that are out there – look at iPhoneSlide which I’ve used a couple of times. It has much the same capabilities and works straight from your email client (and because it uses email, is available from within the Camera application on iPhone without having to take a picture, then switch apps. It also doesn’t have that nasty picture-attachment bug which causes crashing and means your post has to be recovered every time. In my opinion, this release from WordPress was not ‘rushed’ so much as it just needs a rethink about what features they were intending to put in.

I’d like to see an interface for comment moderation and replies. I mean, some of the web based mobile interfaces allow this. The software as-is is a posting machine. It needs to be a conversation machine. This part of it is completely missing and that’s somewhat inexcusable.

I’d like the ability to place an image (even just as an icon placeholder), center it if necessary and allow the user to place some text underneath the image. At this point it does no better than the email services as it just adds the content as an attachment at the bottom.

The app is now relegated to my back screens for “software I likely won’t use much” until there’s a significant update. The next step is simply removal.

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