WordPress for iPhone

The WordPress client for iPhone was released today. This is a test though as you can see, it’s missing a bit of spit’n’polish but otherwise seems to have hit the nail on the head.

Maybe I’m a bit stupid but while I can add images to the WordPress library on the phone, there seems no obvious way to add them to the posts.


[Oh. That sucks. It just puts the images in at the end. There’s no formatting for them. Ew.]

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  1. I found I had that error if the cable was connected but I actually got it to connect, but found via my RSS feed it published instantly.

    Browse > Home / !$categories$! / !$title$!
    July 22, 2008


    Don’t think I will risk it, I have a new category now too.

  2. Wow. This is another time when I’m glad I’m not able to be among the first to open their veins! Sounds like a real bleeder.

    Images at the end of posts? I guess they see it like a photoblogging tool?! (Blogger, if you don’t know, throws all images at the *start* of posts, regardless of where the damned mouse cursor is placed!)

    Please take a pic with the iPhone camera and upload it. I’d like to see what is done with it on the server side.

    I have a feeling people will be screaming for three things:

    1) Copy/Cut/Paste
    2) Bluetooth keyboard
    3) Photo editing (lite stuff: red-eye out, rescale, crop)

    Depending on Apple, #3 might come sooner than the other two.

    Keep testing! I’m very interested in this.

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