Scoble says: iPhone 3G “worth the hell”

Robert Scoble writes:

After playing with it today I’ve got to agree. This is the company that can give you a crappy camera. No video. Charge you more than other devices. Make you wait hours in line. Take hours to get your credit card approved, your iPhones activated. And, at the end of it all, make you feel good.

I’ve been comparing the iPhone 3G to my Nokia N82 and N95 and my Microsoft Mobile-powered Samsung Blackjack II cell phones and, again, the iPhone kicks ass.

I’d have to agree, the iPhone 3G does kick ass. Is it considerably better than iPhone 2G? No. It’s not really but the upgrade was a no brainer for existing iPhone users in the UK – it was like getting an iPod touch for free mid-contract. My old iPhone is sitting, SIM-free, for use as a development machine and part time iPod touch for the time being.

Issues for the future though – I drained my battery in much less than a day. I was using 3G and GPS a lot so that’s to be expected but between 10 am and 4 pm, the iPhone battery became seriously depleted. I’m glad I have a Solar powered FreeLoader.

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13 thoughts on “Scoble says: iPhone 3G “worth the hell””

  1. Hi John,

    My backlight is already at 1/5th. Indeed I’d forgotten how low it was and was horrified at how much light this thing could put out!

    I get a Pushed email every few minutes via the mailing lists I have subscribed to on my .Mac account so I’m going to have to change that.

    IS there any decent way to get Push email on a standard IMAP? (Considering most of my email comes from hosted PAIR accounts).

  2. Put it another way. Someone laughed when they heard I was outside my local O2 store from 07:45 for a planned 09:00 opening. They opened early at 08:30 and I was on my way home at 09:30.

    Apparently I was an idiot for queuing for an iPhone when he had an N95 and it was ‘brilliant’.

    Two things stood out.

    1) the someone queued OVERNIGHT for GTAIV.

    2) have you ever seen anyone queuing for a N95? I haven’t.

  3. I haven’t seen anyone queue for an N95… but I have seen an N95 produce very good video and still photos.
    Very happy with my N95 8gb at present but i’d love an iPhone sometime in the future which will probably be called the “iPhone decent camera”

  4. Again, the areas where the N95 is poor are the areas that it matters to me. Sure, it records video and takes better pictures. It’s also considerably thicker, considerably slower and offers a far inferior user experience.

    Hard to go back when you’ve experienced something worthwhile.

  5. Horses for courses I suppose…….there ARE things that I would change on the N95 but having to carry around a phone and seperate camera aren’t one of them. I do agree with you that the iPhone has an attractive user interface.

  6. Don’t agree with your comment that using an N95 would be “going back”, quite the reverse in fact. Today I used my N95 with Vodafone Sat Nav to negotiate the streets of Glasgow by car. My Tom Tom Sat Nav now resides in my wife’s car, now that’s worthwhile.

  7. See, this is typical of N95 users. Yes, it’s a smartphone but

    a) the UI bites
    b) it’s slow
    c) it has a heap of features but poor functionality

    And those three categories are exactly where it all matters to me.

    So enjoy your N95. Please.

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