25/100 Books I Want to Write

Continuing my coverage of Chris Brogan’s 100 topics:

Really one for the LateGaming site more than here but this is a book I’ve wanted to write, more than any other, for a decade. Qabal is a roleplaying game about magic and the occult in the modern day. It draws heavily from archetypes and tries to update a mediaeval worldview for a modern one. Magic in the middle ages worked because people believed it did – pretty much the same these days. In this way, it’s kind of the ‘anti-Mage’.

Another one for LateGaming , this RPG explores the things I loved about various science fiction. It incorporates aspects of Iain M. Banks ‘Culture’ novels, aspects of Star Trek (only the series’ that I liked) and explores themes of race, xenophobia, transhumanism, nostalgia and privilege. I’ve actually written a few pages of prose for this one. You never know. Maybe some day I’ll take a year off.

A poignant book about relationships and loss
Some of the books I’ve read (and, I suppose, films I have watched) which have affected me most have been about relationships and loss. For movies, P.S. I love you would be an excellent example, as would The Notebook. For dead tree, Anita Shreve’s “The Last Time They Met” left me feeling the lurch in my stomach as if the cabin in a plane hit an air pocket and plummetted hundreds of feet. Sometimes when I think of it, I’m still falling. I don’t have a copy of it right now, but I’ll buy it soon.

The Great Irish Novel
Slightly more difficult because I’ve never read one.

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4 thoughts on “25/100 Books I Want to Write”

  1. ‘A poignant book about relationships and loss’

    The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is an amazing movie in that genre (if it can be considered a genre)

    – pj

  2. WHHAAAATTTT? WATCH IT. It’s the most amazingly poignant film – I can’t do it justice, but it’s just fantastic and one of my fav films.


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