Cocoa Days 2

I’m not too embarrassed by this. It’s a derivative of the first example from Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, 2nd Edition. I’m not embarrassed because I did it by the book and then trialled and erred my way into producing this.

All it does is give you a random number (seeded by the time) and present it on screen. In big numbers. Between 1 and 100. That could be a BRP dice-roller! I’m going to work on a couple more iterations of this before moving onto the next project. I need to figure out how to call a function… method from within a function because I want the ‘generate random number’ function to fire at start (using the awakeFromNib) and yet I don’t want to duplicate my generate code in there.

That’s something to look at while the nippers are chowing down on something unwholesome.

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  1. Nice one Matt! I’m looking forward to seeing you turn this into something you find useful.

    This is a similar level to where my Cocoa skills got to btw.

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