Apple to trump Nintendo in Gaming?

The short answer is:No.

Touch Arcade writes:
Apple Poised to Snatch the Crown from Nintendoâ„¢ DS

Combine this seamless distribution model with beefy gaming hardware, a CPU that’s over six times the combined clockspeed of the DS’s processors (and nearly twice the clockspeed of the PSPs) and a screen with 50% more area than that of the DSs dual screens combined and you’ve got a winner, right?

I’d have thought by now that people, especially people who follow Apple, would have realised that specifications do not a success make. How many times has the iPod bucked the trend and beaten other players soundly even though it sports relatively meagre specifications?

Apple has kitted out the iPhone to compete with other smartphones and, perhaps to a lesser degree, subnotebooks. I certainly find it a lot more pleasurable to type on my iPhone than on my eeePC laptop keyboard. And yes, there will be a heap of games released for this new platform, but you have to ask yourself – is it truly a gaming platform – the answer is simply No.

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2 thoughts on “Apple to trump Nintendo in Gaming?”

  1. ” that specifications do not a success make.”

    Blimey, all you have to do is look at the spec of the Wii to see that specs don’t make a success.


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