Been denied iPhone developer access?

Chill the fuck out

According to TUAW, there are thousands of angry developers (online, select, premier, solo, corporate) who have been denied early access to Firmware 2.0 and the App Store and, more importantly, ability to load apps onto the iPhone.

Is anyone really surprised?

Only yesterday, Macrumors reported that someone had hacked Firmware 2.0. Obviously Apple is going to have to take extra steps to secure things down and rightly so. A few judicious uses of iPhone Remote Wipe (a feature of Firmware 2.0) would do the trick.

Plus, this SDK is a BETA.

Yes, a BETA. There’s no Interface Builder yet, for a start. Notice that? It’s likely they went through the thousands and thousands of applications and picked, say, a thousand of them (for a representative sample) and issued them with certificates. Anyone else is outta luck. We knew it was going to be limited, we knew this was an initial rollout.

So, you’re a developer and you got turned away?

Chill the fuck out

Applications to the program weren’t even open outside of the United States so take your self-entitlement and put it in a box. Stop whining. So you didn’t get accepted. Tough shit.

I tell you one thing for sure. There will probably be twenty thousand applications ready for release on the day the App Store opens. Apple is going to take their time deciding which ones are actually going to be on there and that’s their prerogative. Out of those perhaps ten percent will actually be worth it, maybe even less and Apple doesn’t want crap proliferating on their new platform.

So take my advice. Don’t get angry. Just take a deep breath.

and Chill the fuck out

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