We currently have four projects on the bench out of a list of around 20 possible ideas.

  • We have a new hire which technically brings the number of people in Infurious up to 4. This is good, right? It means we can do more stuff which is good.
  • Project #1: Some commissioned work for a local IT company. It’s not desktop development but in the end beggars can’t be choosers and we have to start bringing in the pennies somehow. This is, of course, the recommended route for startups who intend to bootstrap their way. We have a good rapport with this company and the project will be finished in another month which means we can get back to doing what we really want to do.
  • Project #2: Some more commissioned work. Again not desktop apps but then see Project #1 for why.
  • Project #3: designed to help you keep things better organised. More on this later. At the moment it’s been a long hard slog in working out how feasible this is with probably about a hundred hours spent working on Apple’s code trying to see why they did some things and why they left some other things out.
  • Project #4: I’ve got two words for you. InfuriousTV. And I’ll leave it at that. (It’s just a code name as a company name plus the word “TV” isn’t a very good name. Take a hint, Apple!)

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