We saw Serendipity on Sunday at 2.45. Good film. Kate Beckinsale looked very elegant and it’s sort of good that British women are popular as leading ladies. Cusack alone has starred opposite Catherine Zeta Jones twice, Kate Beckinsale once and Minnie Driver once. Anyway, it was a good film.

I’m meant to be booking dinner for Lesley’s birthday in the Japanese restaurant up on the Ballyrobert road. I’m looking forward to it a lot. I’ve no idea what “real” oriental food tastes like because the Chinese and Thai restaurants sometimes seem so westernised. We’ve been to the Ginger Tree (the Japanese restaurant) once before and I loved it. I was being conservative. Next time I’m going to go a bit mad now that I know I like it.

My friend Jane is Korean and she tells me about these wonderful-sounding dishes she prepares. Again – I think that unless you are in the country – you don’t GET what the meal is meant to be. My parents went to Hong Kong years ago and they said that Chinese food was TOTALLY different to what we get here. Of course, I’m well into my Chicken Massaman and Chiang Ban Riang (or however it’s spelled) and haven’t had a “Fried Rice with Curry Sauce” in years but it leaves me wondering. I guess I’ll have to pester her for a recipe for a meal. Sort of reminds me of when we went to the Chinese supermarket in Belfast. There’s some wonderful stuff there but I feel like I’m missing out on so much of it. I don’t know what a lot of it is (it’s only labelled in Chinese) and I wouldn’t know what to do with it – I’ve mishandled Bean Curd before in my curiosity.

I got my hair cut today. It’s very short. Feels very comfortable and will be very easy to deal with in the morning – something that was actually becoming frustrating. Am I getting lazy? I’d like to think that I’m getting focused. Might just be wishful thinking.

Plan for tomorrow?
10:30 – Scan at the hospital
Should be fun and we should have a few more pics for the webserver.
12:00 – Hopefully write more training course stuff.
17:00 – pick up Lesley from work.
19:00 – Computer Architecture class
It’s on an hour earlier so that should be good. Probably an hour early from now on.
22:00 – Sleep
I’ve got to be in the centre of Belfast for 6 am to drive to Dublin for 9. There’s this whole Mac OS X seminar thing going on and I’m going to be talking to a nice lady about some extra work training people how to use Mac OS X. It’ll be a long day.

Had a weird dream last night. Lesley was the MD of a company we co-owned. It provided consulting services and contract work and was all Mac-based. Very vivid. We both hope it comes true.

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