I have to train some people but it’s worse than that. I have write the training course as well. I’ve written bits and pieces but it wasn’t until tonight that everything began to crystalise in my tiny mind. Trying also to organise a course that would keep everyone entertained, teach everyone what they needed to know and also pitch it at the right level. Some people will be coming to the course with considerable knowledge of the subject while others may be casual Mac users.

Of course, I need the money that the course will bring. Last year I joked about being paid in hardware which would keep my upgrade needs satisfied but the cash is really what I need especially with the baby coming, the creche being costly and Lesley having trouble with work – I’ve said she can stop when she wants but I’m not going to demand that she stop – she knows her own limits and to help her through the day I’ll be meeting her for lunch so she can have a lie down in the car. It’ll be nice – sort of the highlight of the day.

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