Novell: Why????

In this day and age I don’t know why Novell continues. It’s like they haven’t got the message or something. It’s actually a bit sad. Every now and then I come across some poor bugger having big problems and all I can say is: if you were using an open standard then you’d be sorted mate.

I’m probably reacting to the mood my darling wife was in when her machine was “put on the network” at the University. The machine was from then on a hell of a lot slower (get this: it’s 166 MHz) and would crash every time she tried to shut down. As a result I’m becoming convinced that Novell is punishment for shoplifting in some countries.

Great quality control there guys. As a result she is now forced to use her iBook for just about everything. Course then you realise that Novell’s support for the Mac has always been crap – last update from them was 1999. No loss.

Oh, and their website is slow as hell.

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