Northern Ireland will never change.

I found this exchange distressing.

Think about it. It’s the son of a murdered terrorist who’s now standing for a party that promotes “can’t we all just get along” which is pretty laudable when the whole world is going to shit. And believe me – I have little interest in the Alliance Party after their past shenanigans* but really, are we “cancelling” people because their fathers did a wrong thing? I mean, really, sins of the fucking father?

Anyway. This place is depressing as shit. Who could be bothered with this.

They think that I’m above all this. These are the same people who think I live in a mansion (er,….nope) or that I’m a son of North Down (errrr, nope – for those who don’t know, they’re talking about the Gold Coast of North Down, heavily populated by millionaires).

They may not realise that I’m much the same. Working class. Raised in a mixed marriage in Northern Ireland (which meant I was as much of target from both sides of the struggle). Never found a political home (until I did….and that went to shit). Lived in a Council house for many of my formative years (and left there about two years before they started burning “my kind” out of there).

However I made choices. I didn’t want to be teaming up with woolly faces to hurt people. I refused to get behind flags which made out that the other side was bad. I never had time for either side even though that ideology was pushed (Nationalism at school, Loyalism at home).

And this is the problem. Twenty years after “peace”, people are busy searching their rolodex-style memories for reasons to be offended. Is there a reason why Emmet can speak about bonfires? Sure. He isn’t his father and he’s taken steps to distance himself from his fathers idiocies.

Northern Ireland; you’re such a fucking bore.

*Alliance did every dirty trick in the book when I was briefly involved in politics and they currently support a Councillor who bullied my friend Lyra relentlessly. So, fuck them.