Belfast Media Festival ’14

The Belfast Media Festival is in one week and they’re looking for 2-3 companies who would have something “transmedia” to demonstrate.

If you’ve got anything that is translational like mock ups for Doctor Who or Sherlock, film tie-ins, story-heavy games, demos for Oculus Rift and you want to spend a couple of days at the BMF, then let me know.

And if you need/want a student to help host you, ping me ASAP so I can ask them.

Lastly, if anyone wants to come to SuperUnityFriends and help me hack something together, please do.

And yes, they gave us a week to prep. This is something I used to help with back when DC was getting project funding but the mess at Stormont has kinda put the kibosh on that. Here’s hoping they sort that out this week.

So anyway. Anyone doing anything great and fancies talking to TV PEOPLE?