Almost too tired to blog

I’m really tired tonight. I helped my sister move house and even though we had the help of two neighbours and three work colleagues, I’m absolutely shattered. So tired I can’t even face looking at the ever mounting paperwork which I need to get through. It didn’t help that we were given 3 hours to empty a house…

The new house seems smaller, now that everything is still in boxes. The telephone is STILL not connected and it’s 23:20 and BT promised they’d get it connected today. If it’s not connected by midnight, someone is getting a phone call in the morning. This lack of connection holds up the installation of broadband at the house (though I’m 99% sure that I never want to do any more business with BT ever again due to poor customer service and may just get a Wireless Broadband link from NTRBroadband, assuming that Lisburn is within their coverage). I am, frankly, sick to the teeth of BT and yes, I know it’s the people. They just lie and lie and lie. You’d think they still maintained a monopoly and didn’t give a damn about their customers. Duh!

On Tuesday, one of my employees at Mac-Sys, Wayne, leaves for pastures greener in Minnesota where he’s joining his lady love. She’s American you know. While I may question the sanity of anyone moving to the USA these days, I can understand that it’s a great opportunity for him and I really hope it works out. I have no wish to visit Minnesota but it’s nice knowing people all around the world.

Anyway, this is the last blog post for 1H06. See you on the other side (and Sunday is my birthday so I doubt I’ll blog :))

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