So…an announcement tomorrow

Apple, my favourite fruit company, is announcing some sort of new “breakthrough” device tomorrow with the only information available on it being:

“Hint: It’s not a Mac.”

As intended, this has got the media doing somersaults. Partly because it’s Apple and by calling it “breakthrough” they are setting the bar pretty high – this will not be your run-of-the-mill MP3 player or apple branded PDA. Partly also because October 25th sees the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows XP. Microsoft is betting a lot on this release and has set aside US$200 Million for marketing. Ad I’m not surprised as their revenues have been increasing year on year since wayback, the percentage increase is getting smaller. See here for more.

So…Apple is talking this device up as well as putting information out on it the same week as Microsoft’s media blitz for Windows XP.

I’m curious naturally. I’m also wondering about whether a second job will be enough for me to afford it – assuming I like it. Speculation on the Mac Web is rampant with most people thinking it will be a firewire or airport hard drive for connecting to both your Mac and your music centre. Not a bad idea – how about a machine that would stream your CD or your radio over airport straight from your stereo? Neato indeed…but would everyone want or need one? Another speculation was a Quicktime movie player – a little device that will playback quicktime movies for you. Without content however it’s just a dumb device and hand held DVD players, though they have plenty of content are very very expensive.

What I want them to announce is something slightly different.

Yeah, it’s an MP3 player that will also record your voice. Big deal huh?

How about if it had an Airport card and an ethernet jack and could be used as an IP phone to other iTools users or even just to call any other IP phone with a compatible protocol. It would use the same microphone and speaker hardware as the MP3 player and voice recorder with just a few slight additions. thing is – no-one has done that before. Add in compatibility with instant messaging protocols (so THAT’s why they hired Eric Peyton of EpicWare) and you’ve got one sleek baby.

I’d buy that for a dollar.


I’m not happy about the state of the world.

For as long as I’ve been able to understand the concept, I’ve been a victim of bigotry and sectarianism – par for the course if you live in Northern Ireland. Every time I was stopped at a vehicle checkpoint, even as a minor, I felt threatened by the man holding the automatic rifle at my window as another armed man checked my, or my parents, credentials and enquired where we were coming from or where we were going. I felt violated.

The world has gone to hell. I’m getting tired of online columnists who profess to be Christian, printing articles on their websites that refer to a “large part of the Islamic world” as “medieval savages” and then talking about ethnic cleansing as if that’s a good thing “This is not about revenge, it’s about sanitation.”.

Said online columnist replies to this racist and sectarian ape with “I’m inclined to agree with you. I basically don’t give a hoot about the niceties of international law. The only prudent solution is to … terminate him with extreme prejudice”.

This is a devout Christian! What the hell is going on! What happened to turn the other cheek? What about forgiveness?

I mean, for f*’s sake, what would Jesus say?

Two dogs fighting in the street have to be pulled apart by their owners because the dogs, being dogs, don’t know any better. They act this way because they are dogs. And dogs are animals.

Due to this guy, my opinion of humanity just fell thru the floor. My opinion of dogs, on the other hand, just improved.


The Secretary of State for NI has declared the peacefire for two Christian Extremist groups null and void. Their participation in terrorising the people of the province including throwing a pipe bomb at schoolchildren is to blame for this. The Unionist members of the Local Assembly have now called for the same to be done for the Christian Fundamentalist group known as the IRA and have threatened to remove their members from the Local Alliance unless some decommissioning of arms is forthcoming.

Yeah, it sounds weird referring to loyalist and republican paramilitaries as “Christian Extremists” and “Christian Fundamentalists” but that’s the way the media wants us to speak.

I got a little frustrated when talking to a guy on the web that I normally respect. I knew he was a devout Christian, I didn’t realise he was a bigot. He’s under the impression that Islam is a second-class religion.

Religion should be something that brings us together.

oooh, kay….

I don’t know about you guys but CodeRed and Nimda caused one hell of a headache. I’d be inclined to demand the heads of every administrator who had an infected server under their control. I have four or five machines and none of them were affected – then again NONE of them run Winblows.

Exercise: Every time you have to say “Windows” in relation to an operating system, substitute it with “legacy Windows”.

Exercise: Any time someone relates a story about IIS, look at them incredulously and ask “Are you still running that?”