From Bedouin Tents to the Big Top

For a long while now I’ve been a proponent of ‘Bedouin’ working, which is known a little more in the mainstream as ‘co-working’. Whereas co-working speaks to me of a common, shared space for individuals to work, Bedouin speaks of multiple spaces, some of them dedicated and some of them ad-hoc where individuals can work. … Continue reading “From Bedouin Tents to the Big Top”

Bedouin workspace in Belfast

The Northern Ireland Science Park may not be the most obvious place for an bedouin entrepreneur but it’s a live and working Bedouin workspace in Belfast’s Titanic quarter. You can Join Up and benefit from the following: Bronze (available to individuals only) – £50 per quarter paid in advance (1 month notice). All services provided … Continue reading “Bedouin workspace in Belfast”

Serviced? Virtual? Bedouin? Hobo? What’s the difference?

I’m just going to point you at a comment I made on Jame’s Eirepreneur blog about the differences between Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices and Bedouin workspaces. Apparently it was good enough to deserve it’s own post. This is an area I’m really excited about. In this post I’m kinda defining the difference between Bedouin and … Continue reading “Serviced? Virtual? Bedouin? Hobo? What’s the difference?”

Getting on with the bedouin thing…

James at EirePreneur links to us as a Bedouin WorkSpace and that’s cool. Funding. Funding. Funding. That’s where we’re at. We entered the Seedcorn challenge from Intertrade Ireland more as a motivator to get the business plan done. We registered a wee domain and got some email running so we can be contacted through it. … Continue reading “Getting on with the bedouin thing…”

Bedouin-time: or what I’ve been spending my evenings on

For a while now, I’ve been going on about doing something Bedouin and we’ve been moving our pawns about the board in an attempt to get something started. This week I’ve truly been Bedouin and it’s time I started talking a bit more about it. Last week, we named it “The NewWorkSpace”. Centre of Belfast … Continue reading “Bedouin-time: or what I’ve been spending my evenings on”

On changing your life, being your own boss and going bedouin

This article at speaks volumes: “When I was researching my business concept, I interviewed owners of 100 businesses that had closed,” says Williams. “I found that three-quarters were nowhere close to failing financially. They closed because of highly personal reasons, such as a health crisis, or they just woke up one day and [realized … Continue reading “On changing your life, being your own boss and going bedouin”

Blog migration, Bedouin and Beta3

We’ve moved the blog from our old server onto something a lot more stable, hosted by our friends at Yoyo. We decided to stop using Typo because it was unstable, just around the time they fixed the stability problems. Still, I don’t want to spend my time hacking on someone else’s Rails app at the … Continue reading “Blog migration, Bedouin and Beta3”

Taking Bedouin to the illogical extreme

We’re a Bedouin company. We have registered offices but they’re not offices. We have no telephone except mobiles and some seldom used VOIP lines. We have no fixed abode. Sometimes we’re working from one place, sometimes another. It’s notable that Wired’s Jargon Buster for June 06 had the following entry: v. Downsizing a business by … Continue reading “Taking Bedouin to the illogical extreme”

There’s an app for just about anything

Over the last couple of weeks, in line with recent developments in networks derived from companies interested in software innovation I’ve had to explain that the next generation of mobile phones are not actually phones but ultra-portable computers. And it’s not their surprising computing power which makes them special – it’s the fact they are … Continue reading “There’s an app for just about anything”