2016 – you weren’t so bad…

In January I set myself new resolutions.

  1. Travel – and new adventure
    • (Scotland
    • Scotland (sailing)
    • Spain and Portugal (sailing)
    • USA, Mexico, Cuba
    • Galway/Inis Mor (sailing)
    • Croatia
    • Scotland (with kids)
  2. Learn
    • RYA Day Skipper Tidal
    • Creative Writing (with Belfast Books)
    • Woodworking
    • RYA VHF Radio operator and licence
    • Short Drama Course (with Rosie Pelan)
    • BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts
  3. Hope
    • Be patient with anyone
    • Laugh and spread your laugh to others
    • Say yes, when it is to help
    • Strive for great love (and ok, that was a cock up)

I’m working on my 2017 resolutions. I have my travel aims down. The rest, well, I feel the need to create, not only an expression of my “art” (whatever that is) but also a community effort. Still a work in progress.

Below Maslow

Stephen Hawking writes: This is the most dangerous time for our planet

Hm. It’s hard to address this without first rejecting that TRUMP and BREXIT were anything like a cry for help and rejection of the elites.

This is a calculated populism created by a subsection of elites who work to discredit liberals and experts while enriching themselves and taking advantage of mob stupidity.

The reason capitalism works is that the average human is greedy, selfish and unwilling to engage in critical thought.

It’s not just people who vote for racists, it’s as simple as the guy who throws his fag butt on the ground.

And this selfish indolence is not created by socialism or Liberals and Lefties. It’s a construction of capitalism to make those capable of working work and those only predisposed to consumption to consume.

I’ve never seen it but I reason there must be a missing section to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. The lower half, what happens when you don’t fulfil these needs.

How about?


If our physiological needs are not met, we start to blame others for our misfortune. When these fears are not allayed, we act our violence to those we distrust. And when this is not prevented, we self-harm.

That tells me more about TRUMP and BREXIT than any other theory but it’s just a theory.

Hawking is more concerned with our inability to leave this world if the right-wingers fuck it up for everyone. I’m more concerned with what’s left for those who stay.