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Alex Kane knocks it out of the park with this one. From the loyalist riots of last summer to the flags row at Belfast City Council, we have let the sectarian forces within our nation dominate. For the last fifteen years they have driven this country back into the arms of extremists. We, the people, live in fear again. And we have to say “Enough!”

Remember that 45% of Northern Ireland are not unionist or nationalist. We are the majority.

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Microsoft Exec: combined Xbox One and PS4 sales could total 1 billion units

Microsoft Exec: combined Xbox One and PS4 sales could total 1 billion units

Total console sales to date.
Xbox 24M
XBOX360 77M/td>
PS3 77M/td>
PS2 155M/td>
Playstation 102M/td>

Total? 435 M in 10 years.

So, yeah, it’s possible considering that Apple have sold half a billion IOS devices in 6 years. Possible.


On the DigitalCircle web site, we see the following profile:


34% use Chrome
34% use Safari
13% use Internet Explorer
13% use Firefox
2% use in-app Safari (WebView)
1.5% use Android Browser
and the remainders Blackberry, Opera, Opera mini, YaBrowser


42% use Windows
41% use Macintosh
9% use iOS
4% use Android
2% use Linux
and the remainder Blackberry, Firefox OS, Windows Phone and Chrome OS

14% access using mobile, including tablets

34% using iPhone
30% using iPad
8% unknown
6% Galaxy S3
3% Galaxy S2
2% Nexus 4
1.5% using Nexus 7
(and the remainders Blackberry 9800, Lumia 800, Asus EEE Transformer)

Completely unscientific but interesting nonetheless.

Dead Hungry Diner now available on IOS

I’m really pleased about this new release and it was an instant buy (and I also gifted it to my daughter). Dead Hungry Diner was produced by Derry-based Black Market Games.

It’s formatted for both iPhone and iPad and is a mere £1.49.

Dead Hungry Diner previously was available on the PC and received many accolades for being a beautifully crafted time-management game. You can see the critical reception here.

Get more info here.

Essential ingredients for a Revolution


The rarest of these specialists, he says, is an authentic genius — a person capable of having seemingly good ideas not in general circulation. “A genius working alone,” he says, “is invariably ignored as a lunatic.”

The second sort of specialist is a lot easier to find: a highly intelligent citizen in good standing in his or her community, who understands and admires the fresh ideas of the genius, and who testifies that the genius is far from mad. “A person like this working alone,” says Slazinger, “can only yearn loud for changes, but fail to say what their shapes should be.”

The third sort of specialist is a person who can explain everything, no matter how complicated, to the satisfaction of most people, no matter how stupid or pigheaded they may be. “He will say almost anything in order to be interesting and exciting,” says Slazinger. “Working alone, depending solely on his own shallow ideas, he would be regarded as being as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.”

I know some of these people. And if they could be convinced to work together, it could change the face of our country. Chances are, you know some of them too.


Steve Gaynor posted this:

It’s from Cybepunk. A tabletop RPG published in 1988.

In many ways I’m glad it didn’t turn out this way (unfeasibly attractive combat experts voluntarily slicing off their own limbs and replacing them with chrome counterparts). I can only imagine what today’s Z list reality TV stars would be doing if the technology was available.

It’s fair to say Cyberpunk was pretty influential in my game design (especially if you look at The 23rd Letter).

It is a great nuisance

It is a great nuisance. I can’t find anyone else to talk to. I’m so full of interesting information, I feel like the latest edition of something or other. Well, after some consideration… so much to do, there’s only one thing to be done. There comes a time in every son’s life when he must, indeed, follow his father’s advice: I shall go to bed at once.Lord Arthur Goring