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Enjoy retro arcade action in this 1 or 2 player classic. Stalk your AI enemies, making use of the grid-based landscape and bonus weapons through 27 increasingly difficult levels.

When you’ve beaten the computer, use Game Center to challenge your friends (albeit one at a time).

Amazing Features include:

  • Unlock 27 different levels of 1 Player action – potentially hours of your life we guarantee you will NEVER get back.
  • Nine different maps and random bonuses for 2 Player adventures (if you really do have a girlfriend, and she’s not just in Canada).
  • iCade joystick support.
  • Multiple bonuses. They spin! They zoom! One makes you invisible (N.B. not in real life, but wouldn’t that be awesome? Or would flying be better? I’m never sure)
  • Exclusive graphics designed by a programmer who isn’t very good at art, but likes black and green to a potentially scary amount, because it makes him think of the old VT terminal he had to use when he was at University.
  • In-game soundtrack performed by a programmer who isn’t very good at in-game soundtracks! Don’t worry, you can turn it off. We did.
  • Sound effects! They go ‘Bang’ and stuff. No expense spared.
  • Speech synthesis! Yeah! Really! It talks!
  • Surprisingly fun to play. Actually, this bit is true.

Before cadets can progress to commanding real materiel, they must complete tank simulator training to level 27, and win multiple randomly selected battles at level 28. The training system is codenamed “EagleLake”, and provides simplified visuals, touch-screen interface and audio-visual feedback.

EagleLake will provide cadets with simulated situations which include:

  • Multiple AI enemies (Using AME: the Artificial Malevolence Engine).
  • One-on-one human enemies over local and intra networks
  • Experience in stealth situations, contained supplies management, and multiple ordinance types.

Cadets are advised to set aside a considerable amount of time to spend in the simulation, for although simulated battles are short, they provide valuable skills for the missions to come

A little bit of appreciation goes a long way

Special thanks to my nominators. Extra special thanks to the judges. And lastly, thanks to Lucas Love Recruitment. My Mum and Dad were thrilled 🙂

Lucas Love Recruitment today announced the winner of the inaugural ‘Lucas Love IT Award for outstanding contribution to the IT sector’.

Receiving multiple award entries from a number of business professionals, organisations, educational institutions and consensus across the judging panel, Matt Johnston from Digital Circle was presented with the prestigious accolade, at a special awards luncheon in the Europa Hotel.

A worthy winner, Matt has been the facilitator for the Digital Industry for the last four years. He has founded three IT companies including: Mac-Sys Ltd, the most successful and most reliable Apple Service Provider that the province has ever seen; the industry leading Infurious, which was the first company to produce comics for the iTunes App Store and Conquest Dynamics which Matt founded earlier this year.

Special recognition was also given to Dave Patterson, CEO, Sophia, who was acknowledged with the ‘IT Business Honour Award’. Dave founded Sophia in 2007 and matured the company from purely conceptual with regards to a customer base to a commercially viable, client-facing software supplier.

Lucas Love Recruitment is a market leader in providing top IT talent to Northern Ireland organisations. Speaking at the announcement Bronagh Donnelly, IT Specialist Recruiter said “With the increasing developments in the Northern Ireland IT sector, our team wanted to implement an initiative to reward IT professionals for their hard work and dedication. We were searching for an individual among the Northern Ireland IT community that has demonstrated excellence in the IT sector during the past 12 months. Our team was overwhelmed with the positive response and high calibre of entrants. We would like to congratulate Matt; he is a very worthy winner.”

“A special thanks has to go to our judges: Damien Dougan, Senior Director, NaviNet; Emma Leahy, Editor, Syncni and Kevin Johnston, Head of eBusiness Team, Invest NI. Without their time, expertise and contribution, this year’s award would not have been possible. We look forward to developing the initiative and making it bigger and better in 2013”.

Speaking at the award luncheon winner Matt Johnston said, “It is a great honour to win the Lucas Love IT award. I would like to thank all the individuals who entered me into the awards, the judges and Lucas Love Recruitment. I am very passionate about the Development of the IT industry in Northern Ireland and receiving this accolade cements my dedication to the sector”. Ends.

For further information please contact Ursula Murphy at Lucas Love Recruitment on 028 9002 0255 or email umurphy@lucaslove.com

…we need to get away from the idea that using the internet is about sitting in front of a static computer

Via John Popham: The Future is Mobile and that means Digital Inclusion Too

…we need to get away from the idea that using the internet is about sitting in front of a static computer.

And before you shout that many people cannot afford laptops, tablets and smartphones, I know. And that needs tackling too. That’s why I have advocated a national smartphone recycling scheme and I think we need more computer recycling schemes, with a greater focus on laptops, rather than desktop machines, than most existing schemes currently have.

The future is mobile, and, I think that is also the key to demonstrating the relevance of the internet to the lives of many people who have not yet considered it.

Immoral Equivalency

Northern Ireland has been the scene of three nights of violence and vandalism since Belfast City Council voted to not fly the Union Jack every day. This brings Belfast in line with City Halls across the UK. They don’t need to fly a flag because they know they’re British. The flag is kept for special occasions.

Some rhetoric I’ve heard recently:

Yes, the violence, criminal damage and bodily harm was wrong but so was the removal of the flag through democratic means.

This sort of equivalency indicates the speaker has no respect for law or democracy. Anyone making this statement is inciting thugs to riot and perpetuating hate and fear in our society.

I, among others, work hard to try and make Northern Ireland a better place to live. My Tweet stream was filled, over the last three days, with the sentiment that every young person in third level education wanted to leave Northern Ireland and many who had left were glad to have done so.

Do not call up that which you cannot put down.

Those involved in the violence, including those who organised the protests yet were unable to control the crowd of hate-filled thugs, are a disgrace. You shame us all.

UU’s Tim Brundle @timtendo addresses @nicva #CGENI conference on Unleashing Innovation

Via AlanInBelfast:

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