Permanent Secretary of Cabinet Office wants Apple in Government

From the BBC:

Ian Watmore — permanent secretary of the UK’s Cabinet Office, and in charge of a government efficiency drive — is calling for the UK government to end its dependence on Microsoft products, according to the BBC. Microsoft products are currently used by about 90 percent of civil servants in the UK. The government is committed to using more open-source software to save money, says Watmore, although this is being balanced with attention to the threat of hacking.

Watmore notes that he would nevertheless like the UK government to turn to Apple more often. “I personally would like to see people move off Microsoft products onto open source or use Apple technology,”

I wish he’d replaced the letters in bold with the word “other“. Replacing Microsoft with Apple isn’t the goal here. Creating an environment based on open standards and protocols and file formats should be the aim. Shame on him.