Spoiler Alert

Vader is Luke’s dad — The Empire Strikes Back
Rosebud was his sled — Citizen Kane
She’s her sister and her daughter — Chinatown
Norman is the killer (in drag) — Psycho
Verbal is Keyser Sze — The Usual Suspects
Doc is dead — The Sixth Sense
Earth, in the future — Planet of the Apes
Dog gets put down — Old Yeller
Soylent Green is people! — Soylent Green
He dumps her — Gone With the Wind
Life is a simulation (whoa) — The Matrix
Husband is in on it — Rosemary’s Baby
She is a he — The Crying Game
Dave disconnects HAL — 2001: A Space Odyssey
Split personality — Fight Club
Citizens paint town red — High Plains Drifter
Wife’s head in box — Se7en
Maggie shot Mr. Burns — The Simpsons
Mistress shot J. R. — Dallas
Laura Palmer’s father did it — Twin Peaks
Double suicide — Romeo and Juliet
42 — The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Boys are rescued — Lord of the Flies
Whale destroys boat, lives — Moby-Dick
Shark destroys boat, killed — Jaws
He buries himself — The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Gatsby is murdered — The Great Gatsby
A-P-P-L-E — The Da Vinci Code
John commits suicide — Brave New World
Burned books are memorized — Fahrenheit 451
Mark Felt is Deep Throat — Watergate
Greek soldiers in horse — The Trojan War
Samus Aran is a woman — Metroid
Prisoner is saved — The Pit and the Pendulum
She’s an actress — Lonelygirl15
They’re all in on it — Murder on the Orient Express
There is no Santa — Christmas
– Steven Leckart

Some of these are fabulous. I can’t believe some of them. Saves me watching/reading/waiting…