Questions which lead to more questions

Miss Rogue asked on her blog,

What means more to you? Money or Human Life?

End of the day, we’re decent people and we think “Human Life, obviously” but I’m not sure we’re being honest with each other there.

Are we talking ALL human life? Or just one? Is that one person a nice person? Are they a scumbag? If they’re a scumbag, then how bad are they really?

And for those of us that categorically said “human life obviously”,

How many of us exceed the speed limit? I don’t just mean, a little bit or just when overtaking? How many of us drive at speeds considerably lower than the speed limit from day to day? Based on what I see from day to day: not many.

What would you give to save another human life? All of your money? All that you have now? All you will ever earn? To save a life knowing that for the rest of your life you’ll be in abject poverty?

Getting on with the bedouin thing…

James at EirePreneur links to us as a Bedouin WorkSpace and that’s cool.

Funding. Funding. Funding.

That’s where we’re at. We entered the Seedcorn challenge from Intertrade Ireland more as a motivator to get the business plan done. We registered a wee domain and got some email running so we can be contacted through it. That’s the first step.

At the moment now we’re filling in the forms for the HALO business angel network in Northern Ireland and hoping to submit them before the end of the month.

We also have to visit two more banks.

We’re squirrelling away on Infurious stuff in the background as well making plans for the next big release of SyncBridge and the first release of our second piece of software which we see coming in the new year sometime.

On top of that, MacSys has added a new member of staff in the form of a printer guy. I’m sure he’s not mad keen on being defined as such but it’s cool to see them expanding as well.

And tonight is this month’s episode of Cocoaheads. Chris has promised to show us the fruits of his labours, done entirely in the last month with the help of Philip. I’m really impressed that something has come together and it’d be lovely if we could have a big projector screen to show it on. Another time maybe. When we get a venue, hehe.

Remembering to Forget

Tonight I had a reminder about something I tried to forget.

I hate that.

When you put something down it should stay put. How annoying is it when you put something down and someone tidies it away? As my co-workers wil tell you, there’s not a lot that makes me angry more than people moving stuff needlessly.

Anyway, the put-down thing. It was just a glimpse of a reminder, a solitary blue box, but it reminded me of good times and ultimately not-so-good times. The good stuff is still with me tonight as I lay down, keyboard illuminated, to write this blog post. The bad stuff? Well, it’s just baggage. And we should recognise and embrace baggage – it defines us.

I watched “The History Boys” recently. Marred only by it still being a play and not actually turned into a screenplay, I found it interesting, thought-provoking and a little inspiring. The “gobbets” made me wish I’d not spent my degree years cloistered in a laboratory. I have a hankering to go back to university and study something for the sake of study. Philosophy? Being “the love of Wisdom” it would seem to be the ideal choice. That said, I think I really just want to talk about stuff. About how “Men are from Mars….” is really just a rehash of The Naked Ape. And to make bold statements designed to boil the blood, get some heated debate going and then order some more capuccino. Extra marshmallows on mine, please. In the film as presumably in the play, the characters are excessively verbose in their speech which is the benefit of being a character in a play as opposed to real life. We would hope few people speak like that in their day to day dealings. It made me think that it might actually be a crime that I’ve been to Paris as an adult, six or seven times but never been inside the Louvre. I don’t think it makes me a bad person but I feel that next time might be the time. Even just to sweep through the highlights (but which ones? The actual masterpieces? The ones mentioned in The DaVinci Code?).

Man, these words speak to me tonight. Bennet’s play/film was funny, irreverent, used a little too much “taboo” to give it edge and we can debate for hours on whether the use of profanity was ironic or cynical. It’s not a bad show, though and if you decide not to see it, then I can tell you that they all die in the end. So sad. A little like real life, n’est ce pas?

Frost’s poem “The Road Less Travelled By” is very poignant for me for many reasons. Would I be substantially different had I studied arts rather than science? If my family had not moved from the countryside of Fermanagh to the divided town of Lisburn? Should I have zigged rather than zagged? Did I tell the truth too soon or too late? A friend of mine calls this “the If game”.

I’m going to leave you with the immortal words of Van Halen, a great 20th Century philosopher in his seminal work, “Best of Both Worlds”,

I don't know what I've been livin' on, but
It's not enough to fill me up
I need more than just words can say
I need everything this life can give me.

On other news, we’re going to open the source to SyncBridge. Let me hear ya say yay…

Cool Workspaces…

This post on “ has some pictures of seriously cool workspaces. While the Pixar workspace could only work for Pixar, the Red Bull workspace shows really the excesses of clean white space. Mindlab in Denmark again has some cool and funky workspace – but does cool and funky really mean that your work will be so much better?

At the NewWorkSpace we’re looking for “cool” but “neutral”. What works best? Where have you seen the best places to work?