Yesterday Apple previewed Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) and also released Safari 1.0 and iChat AV. iChat AV is the thing I’ve gotten most used to at the moment due to the niftiness of having access to an audio and video stream – the quality is somewhat amazing as well – it’s the first time I’ve ever seen video this good over a videoconferencing link and I’ve been playing with this sort of thing since about 1995.

They also announced the Power Mac G5 which is a big deal though most people won’t realise it. Frankly, in terms of processing it’s like comparing a modern computer to a computer from more than 10 years ago. We’ll not see the benefit of it right now and people will wonder how useful it was.

Looking forward to the future….


I’ve written my Calculator app, and given it an icon…and I’m pretty chuffed with the result. Next step, if you pardon the pun, is to get a little more familar with the system. I mean – it’s not as if we need another calculator application in the world is it?

So, programming…

I’ve started Cocoa programming and I’m preety happy with the results. Less than 24 hours and already I have a calculator application written that adds two numbers and can restrict the answer to two decimal places.

Yes. It sounds crap but this is an application that you double-click, it responds to mouse clicks and all sorts. It behaves just like a proper application.

Very pleased with me.