Alone in company

I’m sick to my stomach. I can’t believe that we went to war.

“Obviously common people don’t want war: not in Russia, not in England, not in Germany. This is understandable. But, after all, it’s the rulers of the country who resolve on politics, and it is always easy to sway people, either in a democracy, in a fascist regime in a parliament or in a communist regime.
Whether they have a say or not, people can always be bent to the will of their chief. It is easy. All you need to do is tell them that they are being attacked, and blame pacifists for lack of patriotism since they are pushing the country to a danger. It works the same way in every country”.

Those were the words of Hermann Goering, a war criminal.

I think there’s real danger of the US becoming increasingly introspective and only leaving their shores to strike out at enemies, real or imagined. As for the UK, I’m ashamed of my government. I’m ashamed of the Unionist politicians who voted for the war.

On the other hand, good news at work. I’ve got my support contracts sorted, we’re working on a new venture, I’m on page 7 of my training course (only about 113 more to write)…first training course in late April. Plenty of time 🙂


I haven’t gamed in over 18 months. Something that used to be so much of my life is now alien to me. I used to live for gaming. These days I hide behind the computer in my spare time. The computer, after all, pays the bills.

It’s all Meggan’s fault really. Something in me realised that the gaming, one third of my soul, had to go and be replaced with my daughter. Of course, now that she’s older and her timetable is more organised then I’m thinking of starting up again. She sleeps well, she eats well and frankly she’s growing well. She’s starting to say words (bird, tree, daddy) and the other night she took two steps.

So I’d like to start gaming at some point as a prelude to me starting writing again.
Of course I barely remember how.