Not happy at the moment

It’s not the spectre of layoffs, it’s more the stress. Lez is off work at the moment and I’m feeling a bit under pressure especially now the new term has started and I have classes to write and soon, assignments to grade. I’m really feeling the weight of my commitments and my sleep is suffering. On top of that…my powerbook is dying. It’s endured two and a half years of abuse and now things are starting to break down. It still performs but the battery is almost a dud due to three faulty power supplies (all replaced under warranty) and I get about 45 minutes out of it at “high performance”. I can still squeeze almost 3 hours out of it at “longest battery life” settings but that’s no way to live. I could buy a new battery but that costs £125 plus VAT and shipping and part of me sees that as around £150 that I can’t spend on a new machine. To top it all, part of the casing has cracked. It’s ironic. Right when I certainly cannot buy a new ‘book, is when it seems that I need one most. Just gonna surf over and torture myself.


Everyone’s a bit sober these days. Something to do with imminent layoffs. No-one knows who’s affected, just vague numbers at the moment but it’s certainly got people down. Anyway, forget that. There’s obviously going to be something interesting out there on the web. Um..let’s see…. I’ll start out with one of the websites that I go to several times a week now: Ahem