On Friday afternoon Meggan went to stay with her grandparents in Bangor. It was her first night away from her mum and both seemed a little shaken by it. Lesley and I went to see Signs in the cinema and both thought it was excellent (though Lesley described it as “excellent but harrowing”. We went home and for the first night in a very long time, slept an entire night. Meggan was returned to us the next morning and seemed to have learned new tricks. Where she had been saying “Goo Goo” before, she now says “Da Da Da”. She also learned to clap her hands and does it often when she’s happy. Over lunch we gave her a rusk and she spent most of the mealtime with the rusk in her hand, shoved into her mouth and sucking madly. I think it’s helping with her sore gums. Anyway…today…I have to do my tax return and write tomorrows classes. Boring work but it has to be done. I also need to go out and see about getting fireworks for our annual Hallowe’en party at the end of October.

Pretty Good Year

It’s been a good year. Despite the ever encroaching spectre of layoffs, we’ve had a lot of holidays, made a lot of new friends and were blessed by the arrival of Meggan. Right now I’m taking a break from cleaning the kitchen up a little. We have a new cooker (actually a Range) and it’s being installed first thing in the morning. As September comes to a close I think of what I’ve got to look forward to and the things I have to remember to do – getting my P60 from the Tech is one. Finding out how to be licensed to use Fireworks is another if we want our annual Hallowe’en party to go with a band and not a damp squib. Going to try to end with an interesting link or tidbit of information.