til I’m Black and Blue…

Because of my current WW2 kick, I bought “Saving Private Ryan” on DVD today. I’m guessing that I’ll get a chance to see it while I’m in Germany. I think they have a pool at the hotel so I hope to get a chance to go swimming as well.

My WW2 kick is because of one of my favourite films: The Great Escape: which I have on VCD and DVD. Handy because I’ve watched it several times this year alone. There’s also the RPGs: Reichstar, Gear Krieg, Brave New World, Godlike and the Delta Green Karotechia stuff. On the computer game front there’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Medal of Honour: Allied Assault – the latter has just shipped for the Mac so that’s another one for the shopping list.

I’m meant to be attending a graduation this Thursday as well – not my graduation but I’ll be up at the top wearing a suit and a gown and congratulating my students. I’m thinking this might indeed be the last year I’ll teach – the problem being that they aren’t offering the subjects that I want to teach and not on the kit I would use for the subjects. I’ve always gone by the rule that if it stops being fun then stop doing it. You know – do it til it hurts. As the song says, til I’m Black and Blue.

I’ve also got the developer tools reinstalled now that I have my completely silent 40 GB hard disk in the Powerbook. It means that I can restart my “Learn Java in 21 days” course. Note that I’m not expecting to learn Java in 21 days or even 21 weeks but I want to start with something and I’ve an online course to do as well which should help.

It’s so nice having plenty of disk space again. I guess it’ll take me a few weeks to fill this up as I tend to just not delete things. I’ll have to be a bit careful as the summer brings Jaguar and I’ll want to do a nice clean install of it. Having enough room to back up to is always a good idea. I’m using about 12 GBytes right now and that includes 400 MB for the developer tools and over a Gig for a couple of games – both of which can be deleted in a second.