It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here and that’s because the day is filled with work and I’m spending any spare time in my evenings learning Java.

I’m meant to be creating a web page with all the baby photos but I’ve not done it yet. Must be a bad person! I guess I’ll wait til Saturday and do it then. On saturday Meggan will be 4 weeks old and that’s a good time to start.

I feel like I’m holding a lot of secrets and confidences at the moment. I also checked out the possibility of working for Apple in Cork. I don’t hold out much hope but it is something I’d like to do. Lesley wants to move to Cork but I guess I’d need to check out what sort of DSL or Cable coverage they have there.

My back hurts a little from feeds and staying up too late on the computer. My own sodding fault.

Life goes on…

I’ve neglected my journal due to another little life event. She’s beautiful if a little bit of a handful. I remember that things do have to continue and whether I keep in touch with friends via email or chat, help Bob get his drivers for his Ms mouse or just generally be there for people – all is well.

I’ve changed a few dozen nappies in the past days. Meggan has a talent for filling them just after they have been changed. She’s healthy too – above her birth weight only a week old – it usually takes longer.

I”ve a hundred things I want to say and a thousand that I should say. Right now, though, I’ll say goodnight.