Went to Bank. Worked at home. Still not Dad

No sign of the nipper yet.

On other news…bought a new mouse. My old Apple optical was on it’s last legs having already had a fault in the cable once and having been fixed by Kieran once but it’s not really usable. So, I plonked down 25 quid and bought a Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse. It’s a nice mouse – not as “solid” feeling as the Apple one and the scroll wheel – although extremely cool and something I have on my work PC – seems a bit wobbly. Can’t complain really. Mac OS X, despite being designed to work with a single mouse button, works great with the second and the scroller.

And while I was in Curry’s, I took 5 minutes and picked up the controller for their demo XBox. THIRTY MINUTES LATER I put it down. The game running was Halo – a game that was meant to be out for the Mac and PC two years ago but it has been delayed and had to be written from scratch for the XBox. It’ll not appear for the Mac til the XBox with Halo has sold well in every country in the world. It’s not technology holding it back…it’s Microshaft.
Anyway – it’s a good game – it’s not 360 quid good – but it’s fun. The controller is awful though as FPS games are meant to be used with a mouse. It just is annoying the way that it is. Made it a lot harder to play!

Also…the old Curry’s store is going to be turned into a PC World. That’s not much of a surprise. I’ve been harping about that for flipping ages.

Worked at home. Ate junk food. Still not Dad

Wednesday 13th has come and gone and I’m still not a Daddy.

There’s something annoying about that and I’m not sure what it is. Part of it is wanting to see the face of the person I’ve been prodding and poking and part of it is wanting to see the person who’s been kicking my darling wife all these months.

The other morning I was woken by a mighty kick and moving my hand around on Lez’ tummy I felt what was definitely a foot – I could even tell the difference between the ball and the heel.

Life, of course, will be turned upside down.

ClubMac are arranging a tour of the Apple plant in Cork and we do want to go – but I’m not sure that bringing a 1 month old child to a factory is entirely appropriate yet Lesley would be gutted at not being able to go. We really enjoyed ourselves the last time we went – ESPECIALLY the lovely B&Bs in Cork. The breakfasts have to be experienced to be believed. But – again – we’re not sure if we can go.

So manu things will change and I guess we’ll change with them. I’m looking forward to it. My parents are very excited. I’m sorta freaked that they’re so keen on the idea of being grandparents. Anyway. Time enough.

Not today

04:32 woken up. Lesley is having contractions. Try to calm her and time them. Fall asleep.

06:00 woken up. Still having contractions. Time them. Every 4 minutes. Turns out that while I was unconscious Lesley had shower and made coffee. Was unaware of all of this.

08:00 dressed and about to hit the road. Have had egg and pancake for breakfast. Zip up to the hospital where they start to monitor and do tests.

09:00 go out to make calls about the event and to cancel an appointment at the bank.

09:45 released from hospital as no dilation and it could be hours or even days. So tired.

10:10 remake appointment to see financial advisor that we (comically) missed at 09:30. Pop in, seems okay.

11:30 arrive home. run bath. check email. call folks.

12:20 people seem to have stopped calling and some people had to be told twice. Looks like it is not going to be today. Pity as the birthdate would have been 4/3/2 and if the little on was born at 13:00 it would have been 4/3/2/1 which would have been funny. about to start to make the lunch.

Today looks like a weird day to me.


Today I played about with Device Manager. I’m trying to trace my steps through it for the next outage.

I also installed a Quadra 650 with A/UX 3.1. It’s really quite phenomenal what they managed to do with UNIX and the Mac back then. It’s not really a shade on Mac OS X but the machine is quite quick despite the fact it has a 33 MHz processor and only 24 MB RAM.

Lastly but not leastly I watched “Once Upon A Time In China”. Jet Li and Rosamund Kwan (aka Guan Zhi Lin) have a sort of backstory romance in the films (I have three of them on DVD) which are all about the growing pains experienced by China as the West began to encroach upon them. The subtlety of the romance is certainly of the level seen in the critically acclaimed ( and frankly brilliant ) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon except that it is stretched across the films.

Course, as Rosamund Kwan is flippin’ gorgeous, I don’t understand why it takes Wong Fei Hung so long to notice her character Aunt Yee.