at home, working, should be resting

I’m still dying with the cold and yet should be resting. Should be resting.

I’m annoyed anyway but taking this opportunity to have a whinge. I haven’t played a game with friends in months now which is just not on. I tried to get people interested in De Profundis but the responses have been less than satisfactory. Three people say they are interested yet I know that two of them really aren’t and the third doesn’t have the time. Makes for a great game that.

On the other hand, Colin has invited us to a game which he will run. I’d be interested but I’m not interested in gaming with someone on the mailing list. Not without a good apology – not for me of course – for Lesley.

And the server holding the web pages mentioned yesterday? That has been up for 14 days and 22 hours as I type this. I should probably keep more of an eye on it but well…it works and doesn’t require much administration.

It’s cold here but not as cold as it was in work. Despite my illness I’m going to have to venture into the place tomorrow just to make sure that things are running smoothly. I had to config up a subnet remotely, add a DHCP scope and make sure the scope forwards onto the subnet across two router interfaces. Busy Busy.

so I didn’t come home…

Heating in the office dead.

I instead went to Lesley’s work at UUJ and sat in her office nd well, surfed the web and tried to read PDF documentation. We have to go the creche today and talk about baby stuff. We’ve hit the beginning of Week 31 which means that in about 9 weeks I should be a Daddy. Looking forward to it. My friend Jane sent me a pic of her family outing to the 12 Apostles in Oz. Apparently they had bad weather – I bet their water wasn’t frozen and their ground covered in snow…

Anyway, we have a new web page at which is actually an archaic old Mac sitting in my living room humming quietly. It only has 32 MB of RAM but works well enough as a web server. I’ve no idea how long the machine has been running but it’s been a good while without any outages – except two caused by tripping the trip switch with a faulty heater.