Potter, driver, gamer, saner

Went to see Harry Potter. Not a bad movie but isn’t Alan Rickman being typecast these days. There was a trailer for The Lord of the Rings just before it and even though I’ve seen the trailer before, seeing it on the big screen sent shivers down my spine. I think I’m looking forward to it.

Someone tried to kill me yesterday. Didn’t look, didn’t signal, was driving at 60 miles an hour. Would have been a sad end to what seems to be turning into a pretty good life.

Gaming. Looks like Crucible is well and truly dead. John said some hurtful things and I didn’t back down. I’m tired of backing down – I’ve had enough of people promising to do work for it and never coming out with anything and then leaving me to do their work for them. Doubly so when they are the first ones with the pen out when people want books signed. On other gaming news, I got a review of Testament and …well… it’s pretty harsh. There are some things I disagree with and it’s maybe plain that the reviewer didn’t actually read what was written but I’ll post the URL and the rebuttal when the review is up on rpg.net. Maybe I’m not cut out for this malarkey – maybe I should try writing a proper book or maybe I should just start writing the script for my film…

I’m in a good mood however. Some silly cow sent me an email with a virus and then thought I was a friend of hers when I replied to let her know she had the virus. Doh! Some people eh.

Anyhow, I’m off. I had a hundred things to write about but they can’t have been that important as I’ve forgotten them.

Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for cigars…

My Life…To Go

A friend chimed in to tell me he dipped into this web page. “My life…to go” he called it. Also mentioned it was bizarre. Well maybe it is. But not as bizarre as …this… (you’re sorta glad you can’t see that…trust me…) Anyway with one person sending me an email to tell me about how frustrated he is and another IM’ing me to let me know about how much of a sh!t his neighbours ex-boyfriend was …I think I’m about ready to declare war on Redmond. You know. Nuke it from orbit, the only way to be sure. There’s also the case of the hundreds of COMPLETE IDIOTS out there who still have the sodding virii that constantly beat on your website. Logs fill up with this crap you know. I can see your IP addresses you pillocks. Serves them right I guess. I mean…imagine still using Windows in this day and age… I really should go and write something. You know. I recently finished both Creed and Testament for the Late Gaming Company and I’m hankering to write some more. I want to write something for CrucibleDesign again but after one of them annoyed me today I’m just not in the mood. Shame because CodeName Frontier would be rather cool to work on right now but apparently I’m the sort of “scoff and point out the faults” when someone offers to help. Well, sorry, when the problem is people sending 40K Word documents when 9K text files contain the same information and don’t require me to spend % #400 quid on The Microsoft Tax then I’m not about the accept an option that allows me to “view” the Word files. Just sodding don’t send them! Yes, it’s doubly petty of me not to work on a project just because someone pissed me off but that’s the way it is. How am I meant to get motivated? There are five of us and when one person just refuses to do any work, another only does admin and the other two guys are too busy then it just leaves me. I have the time because I make time. I’m getting to the point where I could just kiss Crucible Design goodbye and call it quits but frankly I’ve too much time and emotion invested in it. I want to continue making books but I’m sick of the bullsh!t. Certain people are happy to coast along and do nothing but are quite willing to sign books at the end of the day. And that frankly sucks.