LateGaming.com sort of went live with their first PR and noting the release of Creed which looks SO much better than Testament in my opinion. There are a hundred ways to describe it but the best way is : Mac OS X and Stone Design’s Create. PDFs rule in Mac OS X.

Also…I’m off to MacExpo tomorrow morning. The plane leaves at 0630 which means I have to be at the airport for about 0530 which is a seriously ungodly hour to be up and about.

I don’t get back til very late that night as well…but I should be dining in a Russian restaurant in London for lunch and meeting Paul and Simon. Paul is the nicest bloke I know and also helped me out with Creed more than he knows and I hope he’ll continue to help with Qabal. I’d like to get him actually writing too! I work with Simon, or more accurately we’re in the same team and have some similar interests (hence us both going to MacExpo) and I admire his technical knowhow certainly in the area that we work. Nice blokes the both of them.

Whew, what else.

You know, life just isn’t worth living unless you break the rules a little.

ADSL and grass

Yesterday I was visited by a nice BT engineer called Brendan and well…to cut a long story short…the install failed. The modem wouldn’t sync with the exchange and it isn’t a simple distance problem because those machines will sync out to 8 km….just at 8 km they may not pass any traffic…

This morning I got a call from him and I’ve just had my faith in humanity restored by his customer-focus and friendliness. He’s coming up to the house at 13:00 today to see if we can finish the job as it seems to have been an exchange fault.

Yesterday also had my brother up cutting the grass. First he managed to banjax the flymo on short grass (well…the blade came off…) and then when we hired out an “All Terrain Mower” in order to tackle the field and parking areas for the party on Sunday…it managed to break as well.

So much for durability. Still…we only got charged half price for the use of it and by lunchtime today I should be ADSL-enabled.