We got the scan done on Friday. Apparently, from what we can see in a dodgy ultrasound picture that glosses over detail like flesh and organs….it has my nose.

Evidently my nose is a ragged stump on the front of my head.

We’ve got to go to Paris tomorrow and we’re not packed yet. The real scan which will show us real detail is in four weeks….I’d put up a picture of the tike but..well…it’s an 800K jpeg and well…it shows very little.

A week to remember

So I’m now married. Nothing seems different and I’m even getting used to this gold ring – so much so that I took it off as it was nipping me while driving and I found it was more comfortable with it. I swear it’s going to kill that finger…

I’ll never forget this week. A week that begins with my Dad’s birthday and ends in my wedding with a huge disaster in the middle. Sobering stuff.

We’ve got to get focussed now on getting the little room ready for Baby. The little tike won’t be in there for ages yet but it’s important to get it ready. I’m also wondering if this house is too cold – I think it’s fine but then I’m an old goat really as opposed to a tiny newborn.

Many, many things to think about.

Back in the Lakes again

Only a day to go.

Was just saying to Lesley that I feel there is a wall of impending doom heading towards us – I’m not sure whether it’s the imminent arrival of my family or the wedding tomorrow. I guess I’ll find out. I think the enormity of the task hit me when Lesley handed me the rings for my safe-keeping. I’m going to then have to hand them to my brother for safe-keeping in return. Yikes!

Watched both Fight Club and The Exorcist yesterday. Fight Club is a fun romp but I think there are too many guys out there who try to identify with the lead characters. They don’t want to be Jack yet they wish to be Tyler. I think there’s something sadly profound when Tyler is waxing lyrical about how we all want to be film stars and models and have the millionaire lifestyle…but we won’t…yet…actors Edward Norton and Brad Pitt would absolutely represent the lifestyle and personas that normal joes would want to emulate. In effect they are playing guys who want to be like them and trying to empathise with guys who can’t possibly be like them. Horrendous. But an entertaining film nonetheless which I’d certainly watch again – the performances were well done.

As for the Exorcist – I’d seen bits of it loads of times but never sat down and actually watched it. It’s a scary film alright – right up until Regan is possessed. You have then one half of a film that is genuinely creepy and the second half is more of an attempt to shock and that’s where it falls down in my opinion. Maybe it was just a stupid demon but a much more creepy story would have been the invasion of the home by the demon in a much more subtle way. And the ending – what happened to the demon? This is why I think Fallen is a much better story about demonic possession. Heck, even Fight Club tells a better story about possession.