Sunday morning: After the Holiday

A speedy two hour drive from the Lake district to Stranraer got us home on the earlier boat which meant we got to lounge around home for several hours.

I fly off to London tomorrow for a training course in Advanced IP. Hope I don’t feel quite so tired – I feel almost “lagged” from the holiday.

Other stuff?
Well…I’m 9 pages into Creed, Testament is finished so things are looking up in that respect. Watched Three Kings the other night – hey it wasn’t as bad as everyone said – and High Fidelity the night before which was just flippin’ fantastic. Another DVD I’m going to have to invest in 🙂

Anyway, I’m tired and I have Fight Club to watch…should I do that now or later…

roll your own DSL? Re-create the Internet?

Cringely has a good article about rolling your own DSL. At some point though it needs to be connected to “the real world” or “the real internet”.

My interest is more along the lines of setting up an undercurrent.

Imagine I have a 2 mbit ADSL line (whoo baby…yeah). why don’t I route it onto an undercurrent network which uses “dry copper” to transmit to Kieran’s house. He piggy-backs on my DSL and it also means that if we need to share files we don’t have to resort to stupid zip disks or crappy 56K modems.

Imagine everyone in your neighbourhood had a copper wire leading to someone elses. You could daisy-chain huge networks together and deny BT the several thousand they would demand for the piddle-all service.

The Holiday: continued

Watched Kalifornia last night – still a good film. I guess that Pitt must be a good actor as he seems to be taking on all sorts of roles. He was good in this one and was also good in Snatch.

The weather here was bright yesterday and we drove up to Grasmere and down again to Kendal (home of Mint Cake) via Ambleside and Windermere. I’m meant to meeting Wangy later on this evening – she’s at a wedding in Gretna Green and that’s only 50 miles up the road.

Got email! Woohoo. I’m connected, I’m online, I’m with the outside world! I’m not lost!

Lesley feels really dehydrated. She just told me. She also wants me to explain to the landlords about the toll-free dialup thing cos we’re sort of bypassing their handy BT payphone thing. Hyuk Hyuk….

The Holiday: Day One

We’ve been here for just over 24 hours. Ambleside in the Lake District. Feels like half the lakes are above our heads.

It’s wet. Really wet. Misty. Rainy. Spitting. Drizzly.
Just watched Planet of the Apes. Pretty good.

Course I can’t figure out why Wahlberg-Hunky-Hero didn’t stay with Stella-Sexy-Bikini-Girl and the Bonham-Carter-Ape-Thing. I mean the possibilities were endless – he was a smart guy – couldn’t he figure out that if the ship, Pericles and himself could arrive in such disparate times and physical locations that there was *NO* chance of him getting back to Earth in some recognisable way. There were some rather good bits even from a Desmond Morris point of view – the bit where Stella-Sexy-Bikini-Babe storms off when Wahlberg-Hunky-Hero sits up talking to Bonham-Carter-Ape-Thing – obviously craving the attention. Primitives eh?

So what was he thinking? As Xander said in a recent episode – “wild monkey love or smoochy Sarah McLachlan love” – heh heh.


Spent a few hours looking up details on a company in Belfast only to discover that they were featured on the front page of the JobFinder in the Belfast Telegraph on Friday last. Typical eh? Sometimes it seems that the online world is so far ahead of the offline one. And sometimes not.

I’ve reinstalled Mac OS X Server 2.0 on the iMac because I want to play with WebDAV a bit. WebDAV will be a feature of Mac OS X 10.1 replacing Appleshare over IP as the method of connecting to the iDisk. I’ve been reading a lot about WebDAV recently – especially at and really I’m wondering why we bother with SMB and Appletalk and all that nonsense. It also overshadows some crap I’ve had to work with recently – a document versioning application that frankly, needs to be scrapped due to its strict browser compatibility requirements and the fact that it seems to be offline more than online.

Why would I be reading about all this stuff? After all I’m a network guy aren’t I? Some people might remember that after the Mac, I was a web guy – I administered Netscape Enterprise Servers running on HP-UX. Also had to troubleshoot some cgi scripts and do minor maintenance on a basic Apache server. I need to work on my Apache skills though – and I’m realising that I’ve let my backup and RAID stuff get way behind. I’m going to need to work harder on that. I know a lot about the physical side of installing networks and server rooms but I’m lacking on the software side.

there may be trouble ahead

Oh kay…went for a quick trip yesterday just to meet some cool guys and talk about cool stuff and it eneded up being something else entirely.

Anyway – saw the most cool web content management application – does for corporate web sites what LiveJournal does for individuals. It’s mad I tell you. If you’re interested then drop me an email and I’ll forward a contact. I spent some of today showing people around our IT infrastructure and realising that some of my Comms Rooms really need to be tidied and I have loads of sh!te just lying around. I’m going to have to sort that out!

I have a nice new desktop picture too. Hmm. Sweet.

And…a very bad man showed me Mac OS X 10.1 running on an iBook. You hear that! You’re a bad man! Very very bad 🙂 But Jesus, it’s flippin’ fantastic. Flippin’ fantastic.

NiMUG is gonna change in the near future I think. For the better. Bigtime. Crucible? Unless one of them speaks up about the meeting…Grrr. But that’s the thing – so what? I don’t know what I’m getting so worked up about. If none of them want to speak about it then fine. Actually it annoys me. It annoys me a lot. Paul has even asked what happened on the list and nothing happened, no-one replied. There’s one guy in the group who would be first to say “Don’t take it out on email, say it face-to-face.” but it was entirely appropriate for him to savage someone on- and off-list while I was in London. Maybe they blame me for something? Good move guys – glower in silence…yeah…way to show me. I’ll certainly pick up on that real soon.

Anyway – whatever – my dance card is filled for the next six months. Anyone out there waiting for Qabal will have to wait. Syzygy is on the backburner while I get the basics done on the superhero game.

I’m still wondering what exciting projects the guys thought of.